Sunday, May 17, 2020

Welcome to Vanvasi

Over the course of the past few months, aforestation has become an increasingly prominent solution in addressing a variety of environmental challenges, and for good reason. Trees help to absorb carbon from the atmosphere, maintain moist and fertile soil for agriculture, filter water, prevent mudslides, provide healthy habitats for wildlife and offer many additional benefits – for nature, people, and biodiversity. Deforestation has caused many problems. Deforestation is the clearing of forests to have the land for other uses. Not only has it depreciated our environment and wildlife as a whole, but it has also affected human beings with all the constant weather changes. Even though deforestation affects us, humans continue to cut down trees at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, sometimes trees are cut down for survival. Some cut the wood to keep warm or to use the land cleared for animal agriculture. 

With a vision to promote alternatives to environmentally destructive lifestyles and economic systems, a team in Bhopal is working to create a dense forest, a sanctuary for rescued animals along with sustainable vocational training centres to create a self-sustained ecosystem.  

Welcome to Vanvasi.

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